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The net, World Wide Web is synonymous with internet marketing . Who would have thought that it would be responsible for the game changing opportunities it can create yet start up business owners may to be struggling to find traffic in 2105 – however for the lucky website owner it appears to rain website traffic. Here are some key things that you probably not actioning in your new website business. Need help? ask 4 Sites.

Website design, Development, maintenance and internet marketing for start up businesses – Running a successful website business does not need to be difficult – 4Sites works alongside your offline business providing valuable technology support and marketing|marketing knowhow| so that your investment can start paying and making a profit.

Google Business – If your customers are locals, then optimising and marketing your ‘Google Business page’ (formerly Google Local Places) is a MUST . Unfortunately many web owners either don’t have a Google page or are not optimising or marketing it correctly. When the whole world is seeking Page One on Google listings, this is one of the most effective methods of website marketing.

Map Optimisation and Marketing – Do your customers find your site when using a Desktop or a mobile? This year, it is predicted that the repeating trend of mobile use that will overtake desktop – Are you aware that, only the first three local businesses on mobile search queries are shown as local listings. What we, at 4Sites are seeing is that normally there are between four and nineteen local businesses who are competing against each other locally, directly or indirectly in small geo areas. Have you ever seen a town or city with one plumber or taxi company

Video Marketing – Seen the YouTube videos in your Google Search? did you ever wonder why or how they appeared? Google owns YouTube! So they recycle their search engine traffic sending some of it to YoutTube. They do this by listing YT videos on the first page of search results! For the small business owner it means that you can have another method to obtain Google ranking – but only if you know how to make a YT video and then market it.

Ask 4 Sites about Google Local, Maps and Video marketing, You will get easy to understand information without blurb, jargon and most importantly a good price. 4 Sites works with all types of website businesses and if you are looking for local, mobile, video and better traffic to your web site we’d love to talk with you.

Submitted: 18 – Sep – 2015 | Author: Dorothy Martin
About the Author: 4Sites is a UK based web design and internet marketing| marketing business. Specialising in small business solutions. We’ve run our own websites and offline businesses before and have a strong understanding of the challenges, budgets and objectives of a business