A Generator – 7 Reasons For Buying Or Hiring one

A Generator – 7 Reasons For Buying Or Hiring one

Power outages affected more than two million people in the United Kingdom in 2013 and the problem is only set to get worse as the amount of power consumed exceeds the amount being produced. A generator can solve this problem.

With the threat of blackouts becoming more serious, buying or hiring a generator to mitigate the effects of power failure is increasing in importance. Below are seven reasons how electric generators can make your life easier.

1. Minimising Downtime : The rise of the internet over the last decade or so has transformed businesses into 24-hour operations that must be on hand to meet the demands of customers at all times. In an environment where time is money, power outages can prove to be disastrous,resulting in financial losses and harming consumer confidence.

Your business relies on power to perform and portable generators will ensure this is always the case, providing immediate power when connection to the National Grid has been lost.

2. Keeping Critical Appliances Running : Portable generators are available in a range of sizes and are capable of powering everything from light bulbs to heavy-duty machinery. In the event of power failure, a generator will keep all of those critical appliances around the workplace running as normal this is particularly beneficial if you run servers or have refrigeration units.

3. Continuous Running Power : Diesel electric generators are robust machines that are capable of running continuously throughout the day and night at a constant speed. This level of performance is so often vital during prolonged periods without power and can ensure operations are allowed to carry on unaffected.

4. Maintaining Calm : A sudden blackout can cause people to descend into panic pretty quickly, resulting in significant risk to health and safety. With standby generators in place, independent power can kick into action immediately, helping to maintain calm amongst staff.

5. Automatic Transfer of Power : Diesel generators are designed to detect when mains power has been lost and switch on immediately. This is not only excellent in ensuring appliances are not without power, it eliminates the downtime of retrieving a generator from storage and hooking it up.

6. Staying Sheltered in a Storm : Thanks to automatic transfer switches, electric generators will immediately power up in a blackout. This is particularly beneficial in a storm when some generators will require you to venture outdoors for safe setup and manual start.

7. Peace of Mind : Even if you never need to use them, having portable silent generators on site provides you with peace of mind that, should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a loss of power, business operations can remain unaffected, and employees can stay safe.

Submitted: 28 – Jun – 2014 | Author: Colin Armstrong

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