To be an entrepreneur comes naturally too some, others like me, require a gentle push in a direction. We might have the business idea but cannot get it from a mere business idea to a plan. A plan without action might as well remain a dream. We wanted to develop a place where ideas can be shared and brought to life. This includes existing business opportunities that require a business warrior, etc. Below we want to share business opportunities under R5000 in South Africa that anyone with any experience level can start. An entrepreneur that is not scared to get his hands dirty, put his shoulder to the grindstone. One that will make a difference in his/her family, community and country.

South Africa needs Dreamers

Before we get into the first, A quote from Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Our challenge to you, dream often, be prepared to succeed less than you fail. When we fail, we learn, we reinvent ourselves, we grow, we become stronger. Do not fear failure.

A boxer loses a fight when he is counted out but before the 10 count, he has an opportunity to get up and succeed. Don’t give up.

Onto a business opportunity you can start with R5000

Business Opportunities under R5000

  1. jumping castle - business opportunities under R5000This opportunity has low start up cost, manage business from your home, low operating costs, affordable marketing costs (free possible), fast return on investment (ROI) depending on your own efforts. If this interests you then visit jumping castle hire business opportunity useful information page to help you be successful in the inflatable jumping castle hire industry.
  2. Reselling a product or service. Eg. airtime vendor, household cleaning products, etc. The offer I am discussing now relates to our environment and the disposal of our household waste. Yes many use wheeley bins but there is still a need for large durable refuse bags, these can be recycled. Interested in a Go Green cause?




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