Recipe for Starting Your Own Restaurant

Having a dream is good thing, having a plan to that dream is even better. The first step that inspiring restaurant owners should make is to draw up a business plan of how they are going to achieve their goal. It’s not just a matter of knowing how to cook and owning your own uniform that is going to get you there. Although people might be impressed with your pleated toque, you need them to take you seriously and wearing a large hat isn’t going to do the job. (more…)

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Easy Ways To Organize Your Workplace

An organized workplace is the key, to an effective business. It seems to be a very small thing, but the fact is that when we organize our office we become more efficient and productive in work. One reason is that it increases the efficiency and decreases the “search time” and increases the productivity. For anyone who thinks that search time is not essential then give, a thought to how much time is consumed while looking for something. Whether it’s working equipment some document, file or even a small pen we spent considerable time in searching for these things.

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