Google Relevant Keywords

Google Relevant Keywords

Google Hands You Relevant Keywords On A Plate!

By Kate Morrison

If you’re building a landing page or writing articles for SEO, this is a potential goldmine! Google relevant keywords.

Google has added a helpful feature to its search results pages. After you enter your #1 keyword into Google, scroll down to the bottom of the results to find a table of links labeled “Searches related to:“. Each of those links is a whole new Google search.

These search suggestions weren’t generated by any genius Google code. They are based on real searches that actual people perform. The suggestions are the most common ways people refine their searches when they’re looking for your keyword.

Here’s an example. Say you search “train parrot.” At the bottom of the listing, you should see something along these lines:

In the related searches, you can see that new keyword ideas are bolded. This gives you a great idea of what searchers — and therefore Google — are looking for when it comes to relevance.

So if you wanted to make your parrot training page shine, you might consider adding:

  • keywords that describe the species your techniques have worked on (Indian Ringneck, African Grey, Quaker)
  • your methods (clicker training)
  • behavior you can fix (feather plucking, potty training)

ANY of these will increase how relevant Google believes your page to be for the keywords “train parrot.” So try incorporating some “Searches related to” in your copy and see what happens.

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