New Business Ideas 2017

New Business Ideas 2017

The new business ideas 2017 list is not a finite list. We will add to the list as we find unique and interesting business ideas that an entrepreneur can start with, in some cases, minimal investment.

  1. 3d printing services

3d printing you can print automobile parts, people are even printing body parts. 3d printing is something very few people can do right now. Very few households even companies have a 3d printer at their disposal. If you can afford a 3d printer, the 3d printing industry has very little competition right now. You should have a look at, engineers and designers are using it for rapid prototyping.

  1. Employee Monitoring

You can purchase software to achieve employee monitoring at any remote site. A quick google search will yield many results.  businesses can implement employee monitoring software on all company-owned computers. After all, the worker receives pay for their time and the employer is the owner of the monitored computer. Employee monitoring software just makes sure that an employee is doing what he is supposed to do. lost revenue from low employee productivity can quickly reduce profit margins and business sustainability. Clearly, there are many reasons a company chooses to implement an employee monitoring strategy.  Many businesses would be interested in such a service. Research the best software for your business or develop your own.

  1. Smartphone Repair

Everybody has a Smartphone these days. Demand for cheap affordable Smartphone repair is increasing significantly. If you do not know anything about cellphone repair then you would do well to visit YouTube. It has many tutorials and howto’s. Some mobile operators offer courses in this field. You would also require a good quality cell phone repair toolkit. A website to market your mobile phone repair services. If you can fix Smartphone’s cheaply you would compete with the likes of iFix and Samsung repair shops. Provide a professional service, have competitive pricing, keep your overheads low and you will have lots of business in the future.

  1. Social Media Management / Consulting

IF you enjoy managing your social media accounts, ie. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

twitter logo a business ideaYou are really good with engagement and generating traffic from your social media efforts and you keep yourself upto date on the current social media trends then being a social media consultant might be a business that would appeal to facebook logo business idea An online resource like ‘The 17 Best Social Media Management Tools’ on can show you how to use these tools to increase engagement and increase conversion / exposure of  a brand to its followers and new customers. You must be well organised as you might have more than 1 campaign from more than 1 client.

  1. Automation Services

If you can help businesses automate their business processes, freeing them to do more meaningful and rewarding work then an automation services business could be for you. Automating repetitive tasks will not only save them money but also time. Another online resource has ‘15Tools to Create Automation in Your Small Business’ published on . The Right tools will help you build and grow your automation services business. You should consider this if you are into technology that saves time. In business time = money, if you save the business time, then you are saving them money at a fee.

  1. Food Trailer / Truck

Millennial’s are into food trucks. As they start working and earning an income they are going to spend more. A food truck is mobile; it can be driven to the most popular areas at the most popular times around your town. It saves you money on property rental / lease. You would need to apply for the necessary permits to operate a food truck. 50 Food trackers in America were interviewed. An article titled ‘What I wish I’d known Before Starting my Food Truck’ at is a useful read for anyone entering the food trucking industry. A food truck needs a good cook with a unique and tasty product offering. If this is you then it’s time to start planning your menu, suppliers, competitive pricing. All this cannot be done without getting the fully kitted well laid out food truck or food trailer.

  1. Custom App Development

Many businesses require custom app development. These app development skills usually are not found in their organisation because it is a specialised skill and it is very expensive to have someone employed fulltime to do this job. If you are good at coding then you could market your services to businesses. If you do not have the necessary skills then you can find many online resources that offer training courses on app development. It would be in your best interest to research the most popular programming languages, also which platforms are the most lucrative with very little competition. The increase in Smartphone usage also has increased the need for mobile app development. You could write apps and publish / market them through the different app stores. 1mil people paying R1 for your app. That is how big your market could be.

  1. Analytics Services / Products

Analytics is extremely important to businesses but it is not just used by businesses anymore. Analytics can drive growth of an organisation; improve conversions and retention, increase traffic to a website. Analytics is used in sport, social media, etc. If you good with analytics, good with numbers then analytics might be your niche. Who know you could develop an algorithm that can predict the lotto numbers in December 2016 J

  1. Testing and Feedback Service

People and or business are always coming out with new products, services, websites, etc Unfortunately this business would require a fair amount of writing as the company that employs you would expect a review of their product or service. Companies sometimes let you keep the stuff you are testing / reviewing (not all the time). User acceptance testing (UAT) in software development terms mean application testing, and end user testing – is a phase of software development in which the software is tested in the “real world” by the intended audience.

  1. Home Care Services for Seniors

Many of the baby boomers will be retiring soon. Many might not have the ability to go out and have a haircut, or go and collect their medication or go grocery shopping. This is not true for all retirees or pensioners though. To start a home care services business or offer basic services to seniors you need to research your local town / suburb. Find the need of the seniors in the area and supply that need. These seniors have the money but many times lack the physical ability to do these tasks.  People that are old need services and products to come to them. A mobile salon is one example; it’s a very cool idea and could meet the needs of a very large part of the population.

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