Make A Money Mountain Out Of A Penny Molehill

Make A Money Mountain Out Of A Penny Molehill

Generating a high return from a small investment means big profits. This simple formula is what most savvy entrepreneurs dream of. Imagine if you knew the secret to this equation and could repeat if time after time. Read on and I’ll show you exactly how.

You may or may not have heard of “The Secret”. This was a movie (kind of) that was based on a book called ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’. A clever woman with no particular business experience came up with the idea of converting the book into a film. Her main motivation was that she was broke but two years later the film had made forty million dollars online. I’ll say that again. One woman took a single public domain product, flipped it and made forty million dollars. This demonstrates just how incredible the public domain is as a cheap resource to generate an enormous income.

What do I mean by public domain? Put simply, books or content that are in the so called ‘public domain’ means their copyright has expired or they never had copyright in the first place. That means anyone can take them and re-sell them as their own product.

If the format of the public domain resource is changed into a new modern form of media, often their saleability will increase. For example, an ebook could be turned into a home study course, a book into audio, or an audio product into a video or movie. The options are limitless.

The success story of “The Secret” was a few years ago. However, due to the recession, people now more than ever need to learn how to attract wealth into their life. We’re not talking about the internet marketing niche here, we are talking about the whole wealth mindset niche, and, trust me, it’s a brilliant market to be in. Have you ever heard of the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? If not, it is a book on the wealth mindset that has sold over thirty million copies. And guess what, it’s in the public domain! Can you see where I’m going with this? The recession means people are desperate to get into the wealth mindset and learn how to change their finances around.

There are literally dozens of books in the public domain on this subject. 3 Steps to build your own Money Mountain:

Step One. Take books such as Science Of Getting Rich, Think And Grow Rich, The Master Key System and read them out, either yourself or hire someone at to do it for you.

Step Two. Turn the audio into video using Microsoft Powerpoint and Camtasia studio (get a trial at ) So you now have books, audio, video and many, many hours of information on the wealth mindset – information which people are desperate for.

Step Three. Sell your newly created products as digital courses, high end printed courses or membership sites, or, you could even sell licences to them and much more. In other words with a little effort you can flip these books and make a fortune with a new virtual property empire. Just think you could sell them as tons of CD’s and manuals and put them all in one big package. You could sell them for thousands a go. Don’t believe me. Bob Proctor is selling a program based on ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’ alone which sells at two grand a pop! What’s even better is that you’ll be helping other people at a time when they really need it.

For me there is nothing better than getting emails from people saying they have used my techniques and made their first killing online. I get these every day and it makes my days even better. You can experience it too. You can see how much potential this idea has right? This idea can make anyone who implements it a small fortune. It’s a business idea that could not only end your recession money worries but also help others to end their worries as well. So don’t sit back and watch whilst someone else puts it into action. Do it and begin today.

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