SEDA Small Enterprise Development Agency

SEDA Small Enterprise Development Agency

SEDA Small Enterprise Development Agency was established in December 2004 as an agency under the Department of Trade and Industry, the dti. The establishment was done by merging three organisations; Ntsika Enterprise Promotion Agency, National Manufacturing Advisory Centre (NAMAC) and the Community Public Private Partnership Programme (CPPP). The GODISA Trust and the Technology Programmes were integrated into seda in April 2006, becoming Seda Technology Programme (Stp).

Seda provides business development and support services for small enterprises through its national network in partnership with other role players in the small enterprise support. Seda also implements programmes targeted to business development in areas prioritised by the Government.

They develop, support and promote small enterprises to ensure their growth and sustainability in coordination and partnership with other role players.

Is borrowing going to solve your problem?

  • What is causing the need for finance?Don’t look for finance to fill a leaking bucket – if your selling price is too low or if your expenses are too high, the money will soon dry up again. Finance will not solve an inherent problem, and a clever financier will not risk his money on your business.
  • Are you growing too fast?Financial institutions will be wary of funding growth that is carelessly embarked upon, at the expense of profit margins or efficiency. A decision to increase the sales level in your business is a long-term commitment and requires careful planning. You need to show that you have invested in this growth yourself, before a financial institution would even begin to be interested.
  • Is this the right time for you to borrow?If you are looking for money urgently, it is probably already too late to borrow from a financial institution. One of the cardinal rules of borrowing is that you should borrow when the going is good – when you have a business plan, a working business with a steady turnover and a large margin of safety. Institutions very seldom lend money to someone in a crisis. Financial institutions are risk averse and apart form anything else, it will take on average about 3 months from the date of application before you get any money.
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Name: Marius de Villiers
Tel: (012) 441 1219

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