SEFA Business Finance Option

SEFA Business Finance Option

Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SOC) Ltd commonly known as sefa business finance was established on 1st April 2012 as a result of the merger of South African Micro Apex Fund, Khula Enterprise Finance Ltd and the small business activities of IDC.

sefa’s mandate is to foster the establishment, survival and growth of SMMEs and contribute towards poverty alleviation and job creation. sefa has a regional footprint of 9 offices around the country.

Small Enterprise Finance Agency finance option

Their mission is to provide access to finance to Survivalist, Micro, Small and Medium businesses (SMME) throughout South Africa by:

  • Delivering wholesale and direct lending;
  • Providing credit guarantees to Small, Medium and Micro businesses;
  • Supporting the institutional strengthening of Financial Intermediaries so that they can be effective in assisting SMMEs;
  • Creating strategic partnerships with a range of institutions for sustainable SMME’s development and support;
  • Monitoring the effectiveness and impact of our financing, credit guarantee and capacity development activities;
  • Developing (through partnerships) innovative finance products, tools and channels to catalyse increased market participation in the provision of affordable finance

sefa Direct Lending Products

 These are loans that sefa provides directly to Small and Medium sized Enterprises as well as co-operatives operating in all sectors of the economy. The facilities range from a minimum of R50 000 to a maximum of R5 million.
  • Cooperatives – sefa provides the following loan products: Start-up loans, Business Loans and On-lending loans
  • Bridging Loan – A short-term loan that is provided to an enterprise to finance working capital needs (i.e. stock and/or operating overheads).
  • Term Loan – A loan with a specific amount, which has a specified repayment schedule and a floating or fixed interest rate. Term loan is used to finance assets that have a medium to long term lifespan
  • Structured Finance – Structured finance is used to finance businesses that require funding that fall outside the parameters of term and bridge loan facilities.

Small Enterprise Finance Agency Business Address

Head Office

Eco Fusion 5,
Building D,
1004 Teak Close
Witch Hazel Avenue,

Call Centre: 012 748 9600

SEFA application form for their business finance options

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