One of the concerns network marketers have about developing a relationship with a parent company is the products they sell. Here is where Amway excels. Too many companies are limited to one or two main products, and this limits opportunity.

**Products Matter**

The difference between a pyramid scheme and multi-level marketing is whether or not there is a real product being sold to actual customers. A system that only sells to its own distributors will run afoul of the Federal Trade Commission and laws against Ponzi schemes. If nothing else, that means products matter.

They also make a difference to those who have to market them. The absolute worse thing that can happen is having to sell crappy products at a high price. Here is where Amway beats a lot of the competition. You can’t possibly sell a product or service that you don’t believe in. Distributors are encouraged to try the products for themselves.

The idea is to create a pool of repeat customers, satisfied customers who don’t have to be re-sold again and again. This is the best and only reliable way to build up a base of repeat sales over time.

**The Amway Line**

Amway has been around long enough to gather quite a few product lines into the mix. They still sell the stand-by: concentrated, environmentally friendly cleaners. But over the years, they’ve also moved into diverse lines of related products in the health and beauty areas.

* Nutralite – a line of top shelf dietary and nutritional supplements, including vitamins and weight loss products. These are tested for bioavailability and have a long track record (from 1945) of reliability and safety. The amazing thing is that Nutrilite supplements are grown and harvested on Amway’s own organic farms. Only by controlling the entire chain, from seed to final bottling, can Amway guarantee the highest standards in the industry.

* Artistry – this is the cosmetic/beauty line, the newest member to the Amway line. Featured are custom hair and skin care products that use some of the goodwill Amway has built through its dietary supplement category.

* Household Products – the stalwart of the Amway line, Legacy of Clean (or L.O.C.) remains a top seller here, but there are more than 41 products, many of them available in money-saving concentrates.

* Jewelry – with over 150 different pieces, the Amway line of jewelry has something for any taste and budget. Less well know than the other areas, jewelry looks like an area ready to take off.

* Affiliate Items – along with brands that Amway manufactures and markets themselves, distributors can take advantage with business relationships the company has with such well known names as Barnes & Noble, PetCo and Best Buy as well as others.


A liberal return policy (180 days) and guarantees on all items, online or catalogue shopping with delivery options. Automated repeat ordering is available. The online site will also connect shoppers with a local IBO (independent business owner).