Amway is a great company! It is THE company you think of when someone mentions network marketing or MLM. However, that can be both good and bad depending on your perspective. The good is that it has been around for 50 years and is a solid proven company. The bad is that statistics will show that 95% of all new Amway distributors fail.

In this article, I am going to give you the three steps to having massive Amway success – not because I’m a double diamond; I have no title. My expertise is in network marketing, not Amway. The principles are the same though, whether you are partnered with Amway or not.

**Step One: Be Proud of What You do**

People don’t judge you by your job title – they judge your business by what they hear from you and what they know about you as a person.

I used to know Jim. Jim was a cycling enthusiast. He had the outfit, the top of the line bike, and was always going to cycling events. Every time I ran across Jim, he had another story about where he’d been and how far he’d gone. Sometimes it was a mountain trip with fantastic views and winding roads; another was a coastal road and watching the sun rise with the ocean breeze filling his lungs.Jim made it sound wonderful, because in his mind, cycling was wonderful. And you know what? I began to imagine how great it would be to bike around a bit myself. I even looked into a few bicycle vacations offered online. Jim never tried to recruit me; I was swept up by his exuberance and passion.

If you are a network marketer with Amway, then you ought to feel good about it. And why not? It’s a great opportunity. If you don’t think it’s the best place to be and the best thing to be doing, why are you doing it? Well, let that show a little.

This is NOT a reason to annoy your circle of influence. I’m not talking about being an always-on salesman for Amway. What I am talking about is sharing the feelings you have about running your own business and having a future to look forward to.

There’s no reason to hide it. Be proud of what you do and how it feels to take charge of your life.

**Step Two: Momentum**

There’s no doubt that the old saying is true, “Success breeds success.” The natural human tendency is to go with whatever seems to be winning at the time.

What this means in Amway is that as soon as someone signs up to be a new distributor, that is the time to move forward, not later when the fire has cooled. Enthusiasm has a shelf life. We need to leverage it when it’s there. And you must be able to energize yourself with passion and excitement when you have a growing Amway downline.

This is sometimes called, massive action. Massive action can be best described by pushing forward even when you have some momentum on your side. Push it even harder and faster. How fast do you have to act? Within 72 hours, no more. 48 hours is better.

This is a MAJOR advantage when you leverage the Internet. The pace is faster. There is absolutely no need to go out and physically find people. Email and instant messaging keeps you connected and building the fire – at the critical stage when the fire needs fuel. This brings us to the final step…

Step Three: Leverage the Internet

A lever is a tool — a tool to multiply force or effort. The philosopher said, “Give me a big enough lever and somewhere to stand and I can move the world.” He was right. Your ‘somewhere to stand’ is your own enthusiasm for Amway. Your lever is the Internet. And the world you are about to move is the millions of interested people who spend time looking for that same future you are.

I use an online marketing and training system for my networking. It took me a long time to develop it and not an insignificant amount of money. But it’s a tool I use over and over again. It’s the lever that up until now, network marketing has lacked. There has never been an easier or cheaper way to reach people.

That’s it. That’s the real framework on which successful marketing is built.