Money Making Strategy: Make It Better!

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Money Making Strategy: Make It Better!

25 April 2008 – Making money on the Internet or in any other kind of business can be as simple as making it better. Better product, better marketing and a better message.

Making money can be as simple as making it better. Better product, better marketing and a better message.

First you take a product that sells well. Then you make it better. If you are good at this, you will be able to locate products that not only sell well, but are poorly made, poorly marketed and have a so-so message.

Once you find one of these, you test the product to make sure that you can sell it and still make money. How? You find a product that pays an affiliate commission. You then use Pay Per Click advertising such as Google Adwords to generate traffic to the sales page.

Once you prove that you can sell the product at a profit (your sales exceed the cost of the Adwords fees) you are ready to make it better.

What if you were to make a better product? You read all the top books by all the top experts and learn more than 90% of the people out there. You then create a teleseminar, or interview an expert in the field to add even more to the product.

That is just one of the ways you can make it better. Once that is done, work on the sales page and tweak it until it sells well. Track and test until you have adjusted to even greater success. Add more and better marketing.

Last, adjust the message until you have something that really sings to the crowd. Again, you can use Adwords as a tool to quickly test your marketing message. Once its dialed in, you now have a money making machine that can soon go on auto-pilot, making you money over and over and over again.

By taking the attitude of “Make It Better!” you have put yourself on the path of relatively easy to create income that will rock your world. This is a strategy that you can repeat again and again. And once you have a repeatable strategy, you have a business that can soon run automatically.


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