Easy Ways To Organize Your Workplace

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Easy Ways To Organize Your Workplace

An organized workplace is the key, to an effective business. It seems to be a very small thing, but the fact is that when we organize our office we become more efficient and productive in work. One reason is that it increases the efficiency and decreases the “search time” and increases the productivity. For anyone who thinks that search time is not essential then give, a thought to how much time is consumed while looking for something. Whether it’s working equipment some document, file or even a small pen we spent considerable time in searching for these things.

A few years ago Toyota showed five basic principles for making sure that offices can be organized. These five principles are good for housekeeping, but they can have a huge impact on any organization. Those principles began using Japanese words that all begin with the letter “s”. Therefore, these principles are known as “The Five S” in order to make them clear and understandable to those who speak English, they were renamed as the following.


Sort out your work area remove all the items from your work desk that are not required immediately. This includes containers, documents, tools and other equipment.


Clean your work desk and it make it look neat and clean. Everything you need to work with should be in its best condition so that you feel like using it. Make sure that the lights are working fine and there is plenty of sunlight, the air is fresh in the room and the walls are painted. Everyone likes to work in a clean environment as it increases productivity.

Set In Order

Everything that is at work should have an appropriate place for it. There are many ways through which you can allot locations including signs hung above from devices and labels. In an organized professional environment, everything belongs to its specific location so that it can be returned when not used.


Develop procedures that will help in keeping things like new. Organize procedures for maintenance and housekeeping it’s the essential features of this principle. Responsibility must be given to people to follow and develop these rules.


Follow these procedures as they are the key in maintaining an orderly workplace. This will require discipline and not cutting corners; if the practices will not be followed the old habits will return and benefits that were gained from an orderly workplace will be lost.

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