Home-Based Professional Jobs Virtual Assistant

Home-Based Professional Jobs Virtual Assistant

If you are like me and run your own operation as well as wear many of the hats in your business, then you might already know the value of a Virtual Assistant and how lucrative a business it can be. If you can handle the daily requirements of 10 companies at $800 a month, you can get a starting income of almost $10,000. Offering the service of a Virtual Assistant is one of the best home-based professional jobs

However, being able to handle 10 companies will depend on the requirements. For many, this includes phone support and some generic daily tasks that will take between 1 to 2 hours each. Tasks of a Virtual Assistant are mainly focused on communication.

Virtual Assistant Think Like Their Client

A good Virtual Assistant is an extension of their client and is capable of working with them and for them with very little communication. To do this requires that you learn to think like your client and be able to handle challenges equally. The key behind a VA is to save time while keeping everything glued together.

You will need to have very professional skills on the phone, in e-mail and a solid use of a schedule and organizing (and keeping organized) your clients personal files. You will also be entrusted with private and personal information so it is key that you ensure you have the highest level of security in place with your computer and agreements to protect your clients.

With each client, you should offer a 2 to 4 day free trial to learn about their needs and requirements while proving that you can handle their challenges well. A good Virtual Assistant will become indispensable with the right training and you will need to get this from your client. A busy client can easily become tired with too much required work to train the VA so it is key to get this done and out of the way in the beginning.

An Intuitive Virtual Assistant Priceless

Next, you will want to develop the skill to be intuitive and see problems and challenges before they happen. Do not wait for your client to tell you to do something, instead, be sure to offer the suggestion to your client. Eventually the client will begin to trust your actions and you will be able to act before asking for an okay on every question.

In addition to the above, you will need to be creative when it comes to getting what the client wants and you will need to do your best to avoid any reply that includes the “not possible” answer.

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