Honey Business Opportunity

Honey Business Opportunity

Honey Business Opportunity has been embraced by thousands of people, to build their own successful and meaningful businesses, if you build it right it can be a profitable multi level marketing business. The major strength of Honey has always been the entrepreneurial qualities and enthusiasm of our Team Leaders and Sales Consultants (Distributors).honey business opportunity

People from all walks of life, who share values of commitment, focus and a desire to succeed have been drawn to the Honey opportunity. Honey values and promotes a winning culture of self-actualisation, interdependence, integrity, excellence, sharing and of course, lots of fun!
Honey is also great for people who do not necessarily have professional sales skills or business skills, as not only does the product sell itself, the company provides superb training, management support and motivation in a zero risk business environment.

The personal qualities that will ensure success are the ability to develop and maintain relationships, strong personal and financial discipline and a positive outlook and attitude. With a very low initial investment and risk, many people can build significant businesses for themselves. In fact, over 15000 women have already done so! These women have taken up the Honey Opportunity to build their own successful and meaningful businesses.

The Honey Business Opportunity has enhanced their lifestyles by enabling them to fulfill their personal goals. Having their own business has ensured financial freedom and flexibility in terms of family, personal career commitments and growth and development.

How to Join Honey BUSINESS opportunity

Honey is a dynamic and innovative Direct Selling company focusing on classic and on trend fashion accessories. Our Quality Care Guarantee is our commitment to our valued clients.
We offer three different business opportunities to enhance the lifestyles of South Africans and entrepreneurs in other countries.


  • Work your own hours.
  • Market a credible and well accepted brand with a comprehensive product guarantee.
  • Earn an additional income to afford life’s little luxuries or to maintain your current standard of living.
  • Grow your social network and have fun.

Earning Potential
The more clients you have an opportunity to show the catalogue to, the more opportunity you have to earn!

As a personal sales consultant your earning potential is 20% of gross sales

10 clients purchasing 3 products at an average of R180 per item = income = R1,080

A friendship consultant (share the hone catalogue with your friends and ask them to show it to their friends)

2 friends each show 2 friends, each friend orders 3 products at an average of R180 per item = income = R432 + your personal sales of R1,080 = R1,512

The real income is when you graduate from team leader personal sales to team leader group sales.

To get started you need to call the Honey office, they will put you in touch with a team leader near you. Your team leader will give you a full orientation about how to setup your own business to start earning with Honey.

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