Secrets to Starting a Pet Photography Business

Secrets to Starting a Pet Photography Business

Do you have a flair for photography and a great affinity with our furry four-legged friends? If so, have you ever considered combining these skills to do pet photography? It’s easier than you might think. Personally, I’m a big cat fan and about a year ago we lost our much loved 17 year old tortoishell cat Maddie. We were devastated at our loss, the house seemed quite empty. Soon after, we received a distress call from my son’s friend who, following a house fire, needed someone to take in her birman cat named Maisie. To tell you the truth I was pretty reluctant but as soon as the gorgeous blue eyed creature arrived I was smitten. Unfortunately, before long she had to return home but by now we had decided to treat the family to our own ‘seal point’ birman and after much research, a long journey, interview and more waiting we brought home gorgeous Milly. Never was a pet more loved or doted on and her progression from kitten to cat was recorded in digital splendour every step of the way.

I soon acquired such an array of beautiful imagPet Photography Business Ideaes that I couldn’t resist showing them off to family and friends. I even set-up my own blog. And before long I started receiving requests to photograph pets, mostly dogs and cats of course. Initially I did this as a favour, it was great experience and certainly enabled me to acquire some useful skills. After I while I started charging, people were delighted with the results.

Are you stuck in a mundane 9-5 job, hoping for something better. Well why not try your hand at pet photography and then extend your repertoire to portrait photography or wedding photography. Start in your spare time and before you know it you could start a photography business.

Build Your Pet Photography Portfolio

It is vital that you start preparing a portfolio of your best work to demonstrate your skills to potential customers. You may wish to divide your portfolio into different categories such as family portrait or pet photography. In this way you may be able to generate additional business simply by giving people ideas and inspiration. A good portfolio will showcase your talents as well as giving you the opportunity to practice and develop your skills.

Now start advertising your business. Set-up a website yourself, or get a designer to do it for a small fee. Use social networking sights to promote awareness of your business and advertise in the local press and distribute business cards and flyers to appropriate businesses and organizations such as dog grooming parlours, play groups or florists. Book stalls at wedding fayres, indoor markets or small business exhibitions where you can display your images and portfolio and drum up business. Start up costs can be minimal and any profits you make can be put towards more equipment. So why not start a photography business and enjoy a new career that allows you to express your creative side!

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