Herbalife’s flagship product is their weight loss solution. It has been written about a thousand times and is suppose to help you burn fat, lose weight, and keep the weight off. Does it work? Well, that is exactly what I am about to cover.

A few years back Herbalife changed their products that involved Ephedra. Ephedra was found to increase the risk for certain heart conditions. As soon as that information was verified they took the proactive steps to create a safer product that was Ephedra free. That became available in 2004. Herbalife has shown that they are interested in consumer safety and keep on top of all available research to make sure that they products are delivering consumers are high quality.

The Herbalife formula consists of 12 different herbal supplements to assist in weight loss. Not all of the herbs are proven to do that but they still provide benefits to the human body. Overall, people that use Herbalife will see positive results if they use Herbalife combined with a healthy diet.

The great part about Herbalife is that it contains nutrients that are bodies use all the time. If you are wanting to lose weight these nutrients are also beneficial. They are:

* Calcium – Calcium helps create bone density in the body and also has properties that help in preventing fat storage and increasing metabolism * Yerba Mate – Yerba Mate is a type of pine tree. The tree is native to regions of South America. The leaves of it have been used for a long time. They provide both a source of energy and appetite suppressant properties. One other benefits to the leaves of Yerba Mate is that they have a plant chemical called saponin in them. Saponins are known to help boost the immune system.* Green Tea Extract – An extract refereed to as EGCG is contained in Green Tea. This extract is popular for a number of reasons, including increased metabolism and a decrease in appetite of the users. The properties of green tea extracts have been used for many thousands of years in China to cure depression and headaches in addition to the newest findings of what it can assist in.* Fennel Seeds – Calcium rich Fennel seeds are another ingredient in this product.* Hawthorne Berries – These berries are excellent for protecting the heart. They also decrease excess water retention in the body because they help the body process salt.* Ginger Extract – Ginger has the unique ability to calm your system while increasing your metabolism. The best part is that it is very likely to balance the effect of caffeine.* Celery Seeds – Celery seeds are well known for reducing blood pressure and they are a low calorie food.* Astragalus Root – This root is used in many Chinese herbal medicines because it is does a good job of boosting the immune system. It also plays a role in appetite suppressant.

Herbalife also contains a number of other “herbal” items in it, but in much smaller amounts. You will also find alfalfa leaves, cinnamon bark, marshmallow root, parsley leaves, and suma root. They are not effective for weight loss on their own but provide the body with other benefits.

Caffeine is always going to be a concern for some people. That is why you need to look at weight loss products that can counteract the nervousness and restless feelings that are often associated with caffeine.

Herbalife is in high demand as a dietary supplement. The reason it stays popular is because it should work for people when they use it according to instruction. Life changes like that are always a positive step for a person. Overall, I have talked to enough people to know that the Herbalife product does work.